5 reasons to be on Social Media.

DK Savvy 5 Reasons to be on Social Media

1. Social Media helps spread the word.

When starting a new business you want as many people to know about it as possible! By sharing your new business on Facebook it gets people interested in what you have to offer and attracts a lot of people.

Share info
Share the news with your friends.

2. Social Media helps you understand your clients.

After you get started with your business page, and start posting to social outlets like Facebook and Instagram you’ll build a list of followers. 

Once you begin posting and sharing what it is you have to offer; your customer’s, you will begin to see what they like. As people talk about your products you can see which ones to bring in over and over again.

This helps you optimize the products you’re bringing in. Which helps you sell them faster. I’m sure you’ve seen someone comment “Oh where did you get that lovely item?” on Facebook or Instagram. When people reply with product from your store they are more apt to go and buy it there.

3. Social Media can help to build a relationship with your customers.

When using Social Media you build a relationship with your clients. Through comments, like and dislikes or even sharing pictures of your items in their homes. 

You can really build a community of people who love what you have to offer. They are going to be your repeat customers and will they share your business with their friends.

4. Stronger brand awareness.

Social Media helps to build strong brand awareness. Did you know that most people actually check out a business on Social Media before entering the business? People are checking Google for reviews before coming to see you.

Are you a home decor store? People are going to see if you have the item in stock before they stop and check you out. If they see something you posted on your page that they like they are more likely to actually stop by and purchase that item.

If a customer is not satisfied and comment on your page be authentic, answer them, and reach out to resolve the issue. This builds a stronger bond with that clien. If it’s resolved they will recommend you in the future to their friends. 

5. Being on Social Media will make you busier resulting in more sales

When you are consistent on Social Media and you build up your following of people you will be busier.

As you build your brand on Social Media and grow your following people will begin to share your content with their friends. “Oh did you see that lovely pillow set at (your store)? Yes it’s beautiful! I can’t wait to go and check it out.”

Remember to keep it fun.

Are you ready to take your Social Media to the next level?

What is DK Savvy Social Media Solutions?

DK Savvy Social Media

DK Savvy is your solution to successful advertising on Social Media. I offer a variety of services that I customize to fit your needs.

Social Media Training


Individual training is great for those who just need a bit of a refresher and info on the current changes. Individual training is customized for your needs and starts at only $250 for 3hrs.

Group training comes in two types: 1/2 day training or full day training. All training is customized to your business. Group training starts at $400 for 3hrs or $600 for a full day.


Social Media Management Package

Simple Package

The Simple package is for those just wanting a few posts to add to what’s currently being done. This package starts at $149 a month.

Smart Package

The Smart package is for those who want to advertise on multiple platforms. This package comes with more posts per month as well. Smart starts at $199 a month.

Savvy Package

The Savvy Package is for those that want it all. It’s the best deal at only $249. It covers posting to up to 5 platforms and a total of 30 Social media posts per month.


Have questions? Want to find out more message me below:



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DK Savvy Coming Soon!

This is something that means a lot to me. I have so many emotions surrounding this. This is an exciting time for me, my career and my family. By launching a business from home I can be home when my little guy gets off the bus at the end of the day, I can make healthy suppers and tuck him into bed at night.

What is DK Savvy Social Media Solutions? We are a Social Media Solution for small businesses. Maybe you don’t have time to worry about Social Media, but you know the importance of it. Maybe you have an employee already doing your social media posting, but you know there are changes coming… (In the next couple of weeks to be exact) and you’re wondering if that content is still relevant? I can help. I offer one on one and group training as well. If there is an area you are unfamiliar with I can show you how.

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